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Moritaka Mashiro and Miho Azuki from Bakuman

Firstly let me start off my saying that I LOVE THIS MANGA. You guys have no idea how much I love it and so there may be a little bit of biased towards this choice.

But seriously, the innocent yet powerful love between Mashiro and Azuki was something so sweet ~ just imagine having a relationship like that. One where you promise not to see each other till your dreams comes true (though they did break that a few times). And the moment your dreams are realized you get married. I mean the type of bond you’d need would have to be so strong. To not see each other, to not hug, kiss or just do couple like things. To be able to strive for a dream and support each other at a distance yet feel so near. Can that only be called true love?

In a way I hope that every couple out there just takes a little bit inspiration from them. That no matter how far you are apart, you can support each other, distance is a relative thing that any amount of love can surpass. I certainly try my best when it comes to my own! Anyway dear me I’m starting to sound rather sappy am I not? xD But yes, favorite couple hand down.