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Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

"I’m going to become king of the pirates!" — Monkey D. Luffy

Ambitions, Courageous and Loyal. Those are the three words to sum up one of the characters I respect most in the anime universe. Normally I either like or hate a character; it is very rare for me to gain a respect for a character and Luffy so happens to be one of only three other characters I respect. Luffy so happens to be the first one so he gets a special place in my books ~

I think the things I like how about the most is just his sheer determination and loyalty to his friends. He doesn’t over think things and let anything cloud his trust of his crew. Once your his friend you can sure as hell believe he won’t ever let you down. I’d trust this man with my life and that’s saying a lot for anyone.

Anyway I wanted to list down the whole crew for this one but it’d feel like I was cheating a little by saying I couldn’t pick one among them all so yeah. And to leave off with a little personal thought. I think one’s favourite character is someone they aspire to be. It’s like a role model in life. Though they might seem miles away from where you are you find yourself slowly becoming a better person because of them. Anime is not just a form of entertainment; it can be teach you things just as any media can