I kicked myself for not choosing this during day where I could recommend a not so famous anime. So I’m going to give it some love here!

So Mushi-Shi is a rather unique kind of anime in which there is no set story but a universe in which each episode carries out. The central theme is Mushi, the purest form of life and only seen by a select few. The main protagonist is Ginko, our strapping white haired male seen above. He deals with problems that arise when Mushi and Human do not coexist well.

Why this anime has my heart is that it conveys deep themes in a simply and heart-warming layout. It imparts many lessons about life in general and it gives you this warm feeling in your heart at the end of every episode. Yet is does not go easy at showing the harsh realities of life either. But there is a silver lining in every episode. The subline, the cure lies within the curse is quite fitting. As I could say happiness lies within tragedy, one just has to realize that something bad if looked under a different light can have a whole other meaning.